The company WST Wrocław Sp. z o.o. sells products of well-known global brands. These products are mainly delivered to the aftermarket, ie. spare parts for users of electrical machines, rail vehicles and electric buses. We try to make our offer attractive to the recipient both in terms of price and time. In the case of cooperation with device and vehicle OEMs in the framework of projects, we prepare and deliver products under our own brand. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the cross-section of available products below.

Product Offer

1. Spare parts for electric machines

Carbon brushes for industrial drives

We offer you the purchase of high quality carbon brushes produced by global market leaders (e.g. Schunk, Morgan, Mega, Mersen etc.). The brushes we offer are made of carbon materials characterized by excellent electrical and thermal conductivity with high resistance to temperature and abrasion, and thus very long durability. Brushes with metal content allow the transmission of high currents even in the toughest conditions. We choose the type of brushes adequately to the application and operating conditions of the drive. In RFQ please indicate as many details as possible about the device and its operating conditions (including eg. a picture of a brush, commutator, nameplate, etc.).

Brush holders

Our offer includes several hundred different versions of single and multiple brush holders used in generators, motors, and other devices. We provide brush holders originally used in machines of various well-known manufacturers (eg. Siemens, ABB, BaumuellerNiehoffHenrich, etc.). Our holders are of high quality and precision. We provide holders with a press finger or rolled up spring that ensures constant pressure of the brush. In case of demand, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Carbon brushes for power tools and household appliances

The offer is addressed to device repairshops or brush distributors for them (wholesale quantities only). We sell brushes for power tools (eg. drillers, saws, etc.) of many different manufacturers, such as: Bosch, AEG, Dewalt, Black & Decker, Hilti, Hitachi, Makita, Metabo, Skil, Ryobi, Toshiba, LG and many more. These brushes have a variety of constructions – including construction with fuse and / or auto cut off. The offer also includes brushes for selected household appliances such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc. In case of interest, please contact us by phone.

2. Electrical contacts

Electrical contacts made of different metal alloys are very widely used in many industrial and technical applications. One of the main application area is switching equipment (eg. switches, relays, contactors, actuators) used in automotive, railway and tram vehicles, etc.

The second important area of application of our contacts is electroplating or electrolytic production of metal coatings on various materials. In galvanizing processes (eg. during copper plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, zinc coating), high electrical currents are used in galvanic baths to induce appropriate electrochemical processes. These currents are supplied through the contacts we offer.

The last area of application of our contacts are power transmission lines, in which at each stage of electric energy transmission from very high voltages (WN), through medium voltage (MV) to low voltage (NN) there are switchgears for connecting, interrupting and splitting of electrical circuits . In these switchgears, the contacts provided by us are used. A challenge that we are not afraid of is contacts for HV switchgears operating in vacuum insulation or SF6 gas insulation. The basic requirements for such contacts are: low transition resistance, high thermal and electrical conductivity, resistance to electric arc and wear. Our contacts meet these requirements. We offer you contacts made of alloys of such metals as: silver, copper, tungsten, nickel, tin, zinc, with suitable constructions (eg. tulip contacts). We provide contacts for devices from different manufacturers (eg. ABB, Siemens, Elektrobudowa) but we also undertake the implemantation of contacts for completely new projects. In case of interest, please contact us by phone.

3. Components for electric vehicles


We offer you the purchase of spare parts for current collectors or entire pantographs (in the case of major failure of the entire system). Spare parts for railway and tramway pantographs are: carbon strips, electric shunts, pneumatic system components, electric drive, panhead components, insulators. Spare parts for bus pantographs are: electrical contacts, contact head and its components, drive, insulators, structural elements (base frame, arm). If you are interested, please contact us by phone.

Earthing systems

We offer you the purchase of spare parts for earthing systems in traction vehicles (mainly contact brushes) or entire systems. We offer earthing systems for return currents (wheel and axle earthing) but also special solutions using carbon fiber technology for earthing parasitic currents (shaft grounding) of high frequencies that generate spontaneously and damage bearings in the gearbox or motor. In case of interest, please contact us by phone.