We  are a small team of professionals with many years of experience. The beginnings of our activity date back to the 90s of the last century.  We gained our experience as specialists or managers in various companies in the ICT and new technologies industry (including: TP S.A. - Orange, DIALOG, Netia, Identity, EnerSysSchunk), as well as members of the international interdisciplinary research groups at universities in Poland and abroad (eg. Sweden, Belgium). As the WST Wrocław company, we started operating in mid-2012, registered as a sole proprietorship. In January 2016, we began to act as Witczynski Sophisticated Technologies Wrocław Limited liability company ( KRS 0000597030 ). For many years our activity focused on representing the interests of a certain German group of technology companies in Poland and the neighboring countries by promoting and selling its products. 

At that time we served with our experience and technical consulting a wide range of companies from different industries, such as: heavy industry (steel mills, coal mines), cable industry, plastics processing, paper mills, cement plants, energy sector (conventional power plants and wind power plants), OEMs and repair workshops producing and repairing electrical machines, OEMs and users of rail vehicles and electric buses. These companies as our customers have been with us till today. Currently, in addition to the support of our customers in the area of components and spare parts used in their machine parks or in their products we offer cooperation and services in additional areas. Our employees have the business, technical and scientific competence gained in European research institutes and  universities. This allows us to engage in research and development projects carried out jointly with domestic and foreign partners. More information in this regard can be found in the section Research. Although so far all our employees have the same surname, we do not think of ourselves as a small family business, but we are rather open to the wider cooperation. In case of your interest or questions , please contact us .

Our mission and goal: "We do immposible for a better common future"

Reffering to Albert Einstein quote: “Everyone knew it was impossible, until a fool who didn’t know came along and did it.” – we are like ambitious fools who do impossible things, because these things seem to be impossible only today but tomorrow they become widespread and make our lives better. This approach applies to our activity when we work with customers and business partners, but it is also our philosophy of life.